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Jordan Combe – Venture capital and consulting

Early education and career of Jordan Combe

After attaining his A-levels with an impressive average, Jordan Combe went on to university in London to achieve his Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy with Honours. The talented and bright young financial specialist in the making was soon scooped up by an up and coming firm as debtors’ clerk. Jordan’s superiors quickly noticed his sharp intellect and keen observation skills and promoted Jordan to being junior accountant after less than a year of service. Jordan Combe continued working in the finance industry for a further eight years during which he was further promoted to being a financial accountant reporting to the CFO at his final corporate position.

Jordan Combe – From finance to financing

After learning the ropes in the financial world and establishing valuable contacts, Jordan Combe set off on his own by starting a consultancy firm offering accounting services. He was almost immediately successful with this as his reputation preceded him in the small world of finance in London. During this time Jordan started noticing that the customers he was dealing with on a daily basis were struggling under the strain of the looming financial crisis and with his observations skills, immediately spotted areas in which clients could cut costs and also spotted how capital backing could make or break smaller establishments. Jordan realised that this sort of support was a valuable commodity for businesses with potential but just not what is needed to take off. Jordan went back to school to further his education with studying for an MBA in Strategic Management and also started dabbling in providing capital to a number of carefully selected newly launched businesses.

Jordan Combe; the entrepreneur supporting entrepreneurs

After further research, Jordan Combe discovered the concept of lean management is very closely linked to his hypothesis of tactical planning in business. He started offering his services as consultant in business and finance creating a specialised service encompassing capital, accountancy and business management. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and Jordan gained the reputation of being a miracle-worker with saving failing businesses with his strategies and backing. Through demand, Jordan shifted focus to turnovers and start-up capital. In the past seven years of operating as consultant, Jordan Combe has successfully saved a number of companies from going under and also provided the required support, without which many companies would not have managed to keep afloat.

Out and about with the Combe family

A man passionate about family, Jordan Combe resides with his wife Leslie and two children; 16 year old Chloe and 12 year old Dylan in the quiet and leafy suburb of Chiswick literally a stone’s throw away from Gunnersbury Triangle Nature reserve. The family enjoy the outdoors and take regular trips to the Lake District where they take long hikes and Jordan and Dylan enjoy fishing while the ladies relax. At home they enjoy taking their two Whippets for walks through Gunnersbury and also support Dylan who is an avid swimmer, partaking in regular competitions. Jordan is also quite a cook, recently venturing into the spicy world of Mexican cuisine.